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Reporting technical errors on Terrible TV Shows Wiki and Best TV Shows Wiki
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Hi, I was viewing multiple wikis and happened to find several technical issues there, which I would like to report here (I tried on both the two wikis to contact the local community first but failed due to "Caught exception of type TypeError" of flow).

As reported on the talk page of the Main Page and can be seen in the Main Page, some, if not all, of the images are broken, resulting in "Error creating thumbnail: File missing". This should be fixed by sysadmins.

As seen on the Main Page above, <tabber> tags which should make contents displayed in tabs (like Terrible TV shows Wiki) are broken. I found out that this was because Extension:TabsCombination (Tabber + Tabs) is not enabled, and tried to fix it as a wiki manager from meta, but failed due to mistakenly enabled Extension:Blogpost. I also tried fixing it by enabling necessary extensions (which is not enabled) for Blogpost and by attempting to uncheck Blogpost temporarily (which I couldn't - I couldn't even disable the extension which causes an error).
Assuming it will be the same even if we try locally, this means ManageWikiExtensions can no longer be managed on this wiki. Thus, I would like to have it fixed by enabling necessary extensions for blogpost (considering the fact that it's a sister wiki with Crappy Games Wiki and Terrible TV Shows Wiki where blogpost and all the necessary extensions enabled).

In short, I found out that ManageWikiExtensions is broken there, and am asking it to be fixed (and am not necessarily asking for the tabber tags to be fixed, which either local crats or wiki managers can handle easily if ManageWikiExtensions is fixed).

I'm not sure why I couldn't post on their talk pages which are using flow. If it's also a technical problem, I would like to have it fixed as well. Thanks in advance.

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I've resolved "Best TV Shows Wiki" issue, but for "Terrible TV Shows Wiki" i cannot find the file in our backups nor on our file storage.

Hmm, I wonder why that happened. Perhaps something related to a past incident?

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Possibly, yup. I've enabled file locks in LizardFS (it doesn't enforce it (ie mandatory, but may help))

If the problem continues, please open a new task.