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Adjust $wgJobRunRate for Cargo Extension on
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We've been recently making use of Cargo to help with storing and updating statistics tables across our wiki and for the most part it works well. However, we're having to store a lot of data into a table using templates but it doesn't always add all the data like expected and reading Cargo's documentation, it seems likely to due with the job queue getting overburden. Here's the page that mentions the issue

Looks like the variable that needs to be adjusted for our instance of MediaWiki is $wgJobRunRate, but we don't have access to the config files for it so we need some assistance with it.

Can you set the variable $wgJobRunRate in LocalSettings.php to 0.35? ($wgJobRunRate = 0.35;) That may help reduce the chances of Cargo not storing data on pages on occasion when it should. Thanks for the help in advance and feel free to ask for more info if you need it.

Note: Our wiki is using a custom domain as a heads-up so it might redirect you to

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We don't use $wgJobRunRate.

Oh, you don't? Good to know I suppose. Thanks for responding though.