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ircwiki.user_profile table does not exist.
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When going to any User page or CentralAuth page regarding a user on the IRCWiki, you get:

A database query error has occurred!

SocialProfile error, UserProfile::getProfile
Error: 1146 Table 'ircwiki.user_profile' doesn't exist on SQL Server

It appears someone may have accidentally forgot to run update.php or something. Could someone please help, thanks!

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Agent_Isai created this task.Jul 5 2016, 06:01

@labster I think possibly when you merged the PR you forgot the update.php .

update.php was ran by @labster . It should be fixed now.

Reception123 closed this task as Resolved.Jul 5 2016, 06:56

Fixed. Confirmed by @Agent_Isai on IRC

As stated by @Reception123, update.php has been run and everything works. Thanks!