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Configuration: Extension:Collection
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if you know a worthy alternative that isnt using OCG, please let me know!
although i really like the way it lets you collect first and then print in your custom order... cool toy ;))

btw, we (wisdomwiki) wont need it before going public in september.
but again, i think its really a very cool feature for all wikis!


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labster renamed this task from security review: Extension:Collection to Configuration: Extension:Collection.Jul 8 2016, 23:02

I'm just going to pass on security review, because it's in use by the WMF pretty extensively, and I'm not going to see something that they didn't see.

Now configuration is a much more difficult thing here. So I'm going to pass this ticket back to the ops team and see how you want to deal with it. Running a PDF render server sounds annoying, but relying on an external server has some privacy implications. Minor ones, but we'd still need to mention it in our privacy policy (which is another thing I should do).

@Southparkfan the installation service and running service seems HTTP based as opposed to full on services.

I'll leave this around for him to comment on and I'll poke him about it later.

Are we talking about Or

Anyway, unless we could proxy such a service (whatever services we're talking about, see above question) through our nginx proxy on parsoid1, so we could host this together with Parsoid (will likely need a hostname change, though, and I don't know if parsoid1 would run out of memory), it will need to be on our mwservers (which is a good idea, I guess).

Still waiting on a final comment from @Southparkfan for how the service will be set up.

No, this is blocked on you. See my last comment.

No follow up comments.

We have discussed capacity a little bit recently and we don't have any for another service currently.

Since it was declined, there have been numerous requests for this extension, therefore I think it should be reconsidered by ops.

It was always less discussion more "do we want another server?" and "who is going to do all the work and learn the service" and then "is a misc3 a good answer or a dedicated service server like parsoid"

Couldn't what SPF proposed above (T463#6213) on current parsoid1 work?

Potentially but than that's misc3.

Update: So parsoid1 is now misc3 and we are now considering upgrading, so this may be possible

In T463#43812, @John wrote:

Potentially but than that's misc3.

We are going with ElectronPdfService + Collection installed too.

This is now ready to roll out!