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enable search in "IDEA" and "Category" namespaces on
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According to this:$wgNamespacesToBeSearchedDefault

you can add namespaces to be searched (so that search results will include those pages without having to explicitly include the namespace in the search, which doesn't appear to work anyway), but I don't see that section in LocalSettings.php or my Manage pages... (or categories to be searched in my user Preferences)

For example, if I search for "CF-3772":

it returns no results, yet that text is on one of the IDEA pages:

Also, I have a couple Category pages (such as that have a significant amount of content (that I would like to be able to search).

I could probably workaround the Category exclusion by just moving the content to separate pages and transcluding them onto the category pages, but doing the same for all the IDEA pages wouldn't be practical...



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You can do this through Special:ManageWiki/namespaces

It's the 'Should this namespace be searchable by default?' option