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When viewing recreated Cargo table, an MWException is thrown.
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I am trying to recreate the Cargo table for Template:Trainer and Template:Sync Pair Pokemon. The recreate seems to complete without issue UI-wise, but when trying to view the table, an MWException is thrown for both the main table and the replacement table. Attempting to recreate again will fail with the error stating that the replacement table already exists.

The table is also not visible from Special:CargoTables, so I can't delete and try recreating again.

I actually hit a maybe similar error before with Template:Move, but changing the table name (Moves -> SPMoves -> MovesTable) and creating a brand new table managed to get it working again. Unfortunately, my hacky workaround didn't work this time hah.

I'm not sure how to further debug this issue from here.

I imagine there's also probably a handful of stray tables now that probably should be cleaned up that I can't delete.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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[5194592a30340c715f4a0458] 2019-08-30 18:27:01: Fatal exception of type "MWException" on - can Operations check the log please?

RhinosF1 added a comment.EditedFri, Aug 30, 18:32

[5194592a30340c715f4a0458] 2019-08-30 18:27:01: Fatal exception of type "MWException" on - can Operations check the log please?

/wiki/Special:CargoTables/Trainers MWException from line 238 of /srv/mediawiki/w/extensions/Cargo/includes/CargoUtils.php: Error: Table Trainers not found.

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Paladox added a comment.EditedFri, Aug 30, 19:05

I've gone ahead and deleted the cargo__Trainer* tables. Can you delete the table and create this through please? I'm not sure why you had issues with recreating the table.

(Table was empty and also there was no entry for this in cargo_tables either).

I recreated the table but still encountered the error.

However, I did manage to identify what the issue was after I tried testing a hypothesis I had.

The error was coming from the String (size=1500) portion of the Cargo declare. As soon as I changed that piece, I recreated the table and it worked fine. I tested this on another Wiki not hosted on Miraheze with the most recent version of Cargo installed, and it errored out in a similar fashion. From Cargo documentation, this is valid syntax, so will probably have to take a look at Cargo's recent updates to see what changed and file an issue for the extension.

What is problematic is that, if a buggy replacement table exists, even if you fix the String (size=###) portion, the only way to recreate the table is to either change the table name being declared or escalate to someone with access to directly remove the erroneous table.

Having said that, I'm pretty sure I have some other orphaned erroneous tables from other templates as well.

If it's not too much trouble, could I just get all the Cargo tables on the Pokémon Masters Wiki to be deleted so that I can recreate all of them properly?