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About templates on wikis (mobile view)
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Hello again.
I just want to figure out how can to adapt the infoboxes to mobile view on my wiki. (I’ve got two examples. 1 My wiki, where the template is not adapted; 2) Wikipedia).

  1. Desktop version, looks great in fact.

But in mobile version doesn’t. And I really don’t know how to adapt it.

  1. Obviously on Wikipedia looks perfect.

But this is what I actually want.

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DrewBiebs created this task.Sun, Sep 1, 21:11
RhinosF1 triaged this task as Normal priority.Sun, Sep 1, 21:19

Any help? :(

RhinosF1 added a comment.Wed, Sep 4, 06:28

Have you imported Mediawiki:Common.js and Mediawiki:Common.css?

Did you select include templates when exporting the infobox?