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Renaming of one user is stuck
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On the stewards' noticeboard I asked to merge 4 users' temporary accounts into their old ones in order to get their accounts back after moving here from Fandom, but there's one who's stuck there, Rum e pera 2. that needs to be renamed "Rum e pera". I was told to open a task on Phabricator, so here I am.

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RhinosF1 triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 3 2019, 14:12
Paladox claimed this task.

According to the global rename script "Rum e pera" was renamed "Rum e pera 2" but the opposite was supposed to happen. To put it shortly, Rum e pera created a temporary account (with the final 2) in order to get back his contribs, as plenty of users have already done, but that should have meant the two account should have been merged and then Rum e pera 2 should have been renamed.

The account was merged into '2' - Someone needs to do the 2nd step (the rename)

This task is just to unstick that