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Migrate wikis off db4 to db5
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The farm was down for 40 minutes because db4's disk was full, again. While that is a known issue and there is a second database server, db5, in place, more wikis need to be migrated to db5.

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Southparkfan created this task.

Candidates for moving:

root@db4:/srv/mariadb# grep -E '^[0-9\.]{1,3}G' /tmp/sizes.txt | sort -nr
25G     allthetropeswiki
21G     nonciclopediawiki
13G     nonsensopediawiki
9.8G    baobabarchiveswiki

These wikis occupy about 69G, about 18.3% of db4's space and 36.7% of db5's space.

The above wikis will be moved between 9AM and 11AM UTC tomorrow. A site notice will shortly be displayed on these wikis.

Southparkfan raised the priority of this task from High to Unbreak Now!.