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Math not Rendering Correctly in wiki but does in the visual editor
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So here is a fun one. I have added a bunch of equations to my page. After saving the edits, I get all my equations rendered as '"UNIQ--postMath-0000XXXX-QINU`"' ` where XXXX is the equation number in the page. However, when I open the page for editing using the visual editor, they all get rendered correctly. It does not appear to be an issue on my sandbox however. I figure it has to be a syntax error somewhere but I am not seeing where it is. The fact that it renders in the editor makes it seem like the equations should all work.

Page in question:

It should be noted that this page was edited during today's system outage.

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Donahuw2 created this task.Mon, Sep 30, 18:24
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Ok so I figured out the cause... I have a template that adds the code "{{Special:WhatlinksHere/{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}" It appears that this breaks the generation of equations. As masters of the Wiki, do you have any ideas?

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Hi @Donahuw2, thanks for your analysis. This seems to be a bug in the Math extensions and requires a fix from the developers. I have added a comment to the bug, which seems to be known for over three years.

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