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Wiki was closed May 1 2019, but I cannot reopen it
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I got an email May 1st 2019 saying my Wiki was closed.
I would like to reopen it, but cannot find it.
6 month has not passed, so it should be possible to reopen it.

The name is:

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Khamset created this task.Sun, Oct 6, 05:08
Reception123 triaged this task as Normal priority.Thu, Oct 17, 15:22
Reception123 added a subscriber: Reception123.

Yes, the wiki was deleted due to inactivity.

I have located an XML backup of the wiki, would you like us to re-import it?

Reception123 closed this task as Resolved.Thu, Oct 17, 15:50
Reception123 claimed this task.

Backup has been successfully imported. Sorry for the delay.

Khamset added a comment.Thu, Oct 17, 16:07

I still cannot access the special page to reopen it:

Sorry, mistook this for another task.

It is now done, the wiki has been restored from the backup.