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Configuration in LocalSettings of the my mediawiki
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Two aids: Could you please allow me to leave my read-only mediawiki released to others in LocalSettings? I can only set it as private or open. However, I don't want you to be open to editing or membership without my permission. That's why I need to change this setting. And can you also give me the extension where users can apply to be members?

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You can make a wiki publicly viewable, but restricted to editing via ManageWiki by marking your wiki as open and unchecking the edit permission for the * group (*) and the user group ( This will configure it so that anybody can read, but nobody can edit pages.

To allow you to accept certain users to make edits, you will need to create a new group with a name of your choosing ( which at least has the edit permission. You may also wish to add the edit permission to the administrator group (

As for separating and requesting membership, I don't believe there is any way to do that on Miraheze. For that kind of control, you would need your own hosting with your own MediaWiki installation.

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