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TinyMCE alongside or instead of VisualEditor
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Requested for these wikis:

Please install TinyMCE. It could be installed easier than VisualEditor. Thank you in advance.

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PlavorSeol renamed this task from TinyMCE alongside or insread of Visual Editor to TinyMCE alongside or instead of VisualEditor.Feb 11 2020, 17:50
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Please take a look on this request.
Two months past since it was requested.

@Helper Sorry for the delay, is this still needed?

In December 2019, I tried escalate one of my requests from status normal to high because of long waiting for responce, and had warning of ban. So I did not try that again. All my requests were waiting and waiting, so even the project was hold still without development. Some of my tickets were created about four months ago. I feel deep dissapointment of support on Miraheze. No explanation, no excuse, no appologise was provided for no support too long. Of cource I can not expect nothing from volunteers. Do you guys still want to grow the miraheze project and expect for donations ? First build trust.
And yes, it still needed.

@Helper Although I am a volunteer and am not really authorized to speak on behalf of Miraheze, I would like to offer a sincere apology for the fact that this has gone unanswered for so long. Unfortunately, all new extensions that are not in use by one or more Wikimedia Foundation wikis require a security review (to check for problems in the code that produce vulnerabilities, among other things). At this time, we only have two active users who are explicitly authorized to do security reviews (@Southparkfan and @Samwilson) and both of them have been extremely busy as of lately. I have suggested that Miraheze somehow put out a public call for additional security reviewers, but it is unclear if that is possible or if it will achieve anything (security reviewers need to have exceptional experience and a track record).

If you are still around and are reading this, please understand that this request has not been forgotten even though it has been sitting with no progress. I can assure you that as soon as the extension has been cleared as security-safe, it will be installed. Unfortunately, I cannot give an ETA on when that will happen for the reasons described above.

I don't see why this was taken out of the queue

Helper lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.Jul 27 2020, 12:09

The bundled version of TinyMCE has various vulnerabilities:

Since the extension seems vulnerable to two of those vulns, I'd like to hear from the extension developers first. Can they update TinyMCE to a new version? If so, is the extension still safe for usage? As such: security review not finished yet, waiting for a reply.

Other than that, this extension is fine.

@Southparkfan, did you ever receive a response from the extension developers to progress this task? No worries if not, just wondering.