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Allow per-user opt-in to global Miraheze notices, overriding site setting
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  • Opt out of global Miraheze notices - Opts your wiki out of global Miraheze notices, only showing important notices.

was checked on my Special:ManageWiki/settings#mw-section-notifications,
users still see "Miraheze is seeking donations to support a new plan to improve its infrastructure..."

  1. Users cannot tell if this is a "important notice" or not, and thus cannot tell if the checkbox if functioning properly or not.
  2. Regardless, there should also be a per-user preference they can set to opt back in, despite what the admin person has set with the checkbox.

Event Timeline

Jidanni triaged this task as Low priority.Dec 29 2019, 01:28
Jidanni created this task.

Note this override would probably make more sense as one miraheze-wide setting per user, not a site setting.

This is a low priority task, and it will be done whenever it's possible.

Reception123 closed this task as Declined.EditedFri, Nov 20, 07:29
Reception123 claimed this task.

After considering this task, I think it should be declined. The reasons for this are that I can't really see a real case where this user setting would be useful.

If a wiki bureaucrat decides to disable global sitenotices, but a user is still interested in participating in Meta discussions, they are free to consult Meta (or even another wiki) in order to view these sitenotices.

If a wiki bureaucrat decides to keep global sitenotices enabled, and a user isn't interested in participating in Meta discussions, they can with one click use DismissableSiteNotice and dismiss it.

Therefore, I don't believe that effort doing this task should be spent, when it is easy in both circumstances for the users to "solve" the issue.