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Breadcrumbs for subpages and redirects
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It's me again. I see the Italian Wikipedia shows links on top, below the subtitle, when I'm on a subpage (shows the parent pages, like this), or when I come from a redirect page (shows a link to the redirect, like this).

I couldn't find anything in their Special:Version page, so probably it's not extensions. Do you have any idea how this works?

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Looks like you are hiding the div#contentSub elements using CSS. This is where those notices appear.

Oops, by bad. Thanks a lot! This works for subpage breadcrumbs but the redirect notice still won't appear. Any idea why?

@Wedhro could be the cache or there's still code similar to #contentSub.

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which page are you talking about to do with redirecting? I see more of contentSub with display none (but linked to specific pages).

I just noticed it works now, the task can be closed.