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Flood spammers
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Hello. As of late my wiki ( is being targeted by spammers, likely robots or such, who create new accounts and after a few days of basic edits in their user page they start adding redirects to a spam page in hundred of already existing content pages. It's a major pain in the neck because I can oly rollback them one by one.

All I need is an Abuse Filter useful to stop behaviors like that without distrupting the experience of new users, but I have only a basic understanding of that extension. Could someone give me an hand?

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@Wedhro Is there a specific reason for why you'd like this task to be private? It prevents non-staff volunteers from helping.

I just tried adding a new filter, I'll let you know in a few days if it doesn't work.

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This isn't an SRE style problem, this is better addressed to Stewards/the community at large.

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