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importing 15 GB of images to the AnimeBaths wiki
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This is a followup to the April 2019 task at where Paladox successfully imported the XML for our project to which gave us our page histories back.

That did not include the 15 gigabytes of images which are at!niAHXYyJ!ayYpoBkrRSDYNJSc2C8-LE_JdLIY4-pDRAcUiTYdt0E

Paladox informed me "we have around ~70gb left. So it may not be particle to upload all of them at the moment" so I would like to know if during the past 8 months if Miraheze has gotten more storage space or not yet, whether or not it would be feasible to host those images here.

If so, I would appreciate them being imported, and the request held until it can be acted upon.

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Tycio triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 24 2020, 07:34
Tycio created this task.

Yes, now we have a lot of storage space, so this should be possible to do now.

@Tycio The site you sent me does not work however, and it says that I can't download it..

Reception123 claimed this task.

No response for almost a month.

Please reopen the task if you still need this.!niAHXYyJ!ayYpoBkrRSDYNJSc2C8-LE_JdLIY4-pDRAcUiTYdt0E

Hello Reception123 sorry for the delay in reply, are you referring to the above link?

Are you able to see the 'Download' button? Or see file info like animebathswiki_images.tar .gz and 14.30 GB ?

I tried to click it and I notice it says this:

Unfortunately, Firefox has an insufficient buffer to decrypt data in the browser, please install the MEGA desktop app to download large files (or use Chrome)

Are you experiencing that problem?

Yes, that was the issue I also got when I tried to download it. I'll try using different browsers and see if it works.

I am getting the same problem for multiple browsers..

No response in a week. If this is still needed please feel free to reopen this task.

do you know if Phabricator is able to use the desktop app or Chrome to DL it?

I can't use chrome on this comp to test out

@Paladox Do we have enough space for 15GB images now?

In T5266#115678, @Tycio wrote:

do you know if Phabricator is able to use the desktop app or Chrome to DL it?

I can't use chrome on this comp to test out

I'm not sure what you mean. Would you need a special app in order to download those images?

No response in over a month. Please reopen if you see this.

the Mega got locked, trying to reactivate it now

I guess I'm wondering if I can DL the mega what I would do with it to get it to you for the import

No response in over 2 weeks, if you still need this, then please reopen the task.

sorry for delay there, yeah by DL download is meant

the 14.3 tar.gz for the images appears to be there but as reception123 said there appears to be problems with files like that opening via browser

I could try to get it with the desktop app but then it'd be on my desktop PC and I'm not sure how to get it to you guys for putting on.

It seems like to be able to have Phabricator import the files a staff member would need the files on their PC first?

@Tycio How large are the images when unzipped?

Universal_Omega lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.Dec 28 2020, 17:08

Since its stalled it can be low priority

No response. Please re-open if still needed.

Hi, we still need this if it would be possible to do, there's a lot of old images we haven't been able to locate so restoring from the zipped batch would be the only way to recover them.

Unfortunately I just checked the where we had this saved, but it no longer seems to register at

I think I might have downloaded it back when I was on my old PC, I just can't remember if I had moved it to an external hard drive (in which case I could plug that into my new) or possibly it could be on the desktop's main memory, in which case I'll need to repair it's fan to be able to run it again or else transplant the drive out.

That or perhaps someone else downloaded it... I'll ask WaterMaiden

John added a subscriber: John.

The above message implies there is nothing workable on this task.

If I'm missing the source, please correct me. Otherwise, please re-open this task once the images are available.