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Avoid significant slowing when Wikimedia have an outage
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Wikimedia today had an outage about 5am - 5:30am UTC.

Due to us having InstantCommons enabled on some wikis, they slowed down as a result.

Many users also load JavaScript and other resources from Wikipedia’s vast collection of scripts, this in turn will also lead to further issues.

We should avoid (or reduce the impact) of domino situations.

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John triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 13 2020, 14:06
John moved this task from Radar to Bugs on the Site Reliability Engineering board.

Well I'm not sure how we'd go about this, perhaps there would have to be something that detects if the WMF one is down and then disables InstantCommons globally? Though that would be quite complex.

The thought in my head, no clue how to do it though, is a timeout for loading external resources.