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Review changes made to a wiki via Special:ManageWiki before submitting them
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I think it would be beneficial to be able to see the changes you've made to a wiki via Special:ManageWiki prior to submitting them. This would be useful for a couple of reasons:

  • To check if you accidentally pressed a checkbox you didn't mean to press
  • To review your changes in case you forgot which settings you changed

I'm imagining the listed changes appear on the "Submit" tab above the "Reason" field. It could take various forms:

  • Similar to how Special:Log?type=managewiki it might just say something like "You're changing the following settings: ext-flow, ext-twocolconflict, ext-visualeditor, setting-wgDefaultSkin"
  • Or a slightly more involved UI, it might do something like this:
    • You're changing the following settings:
      • ext-flow was toggled on
      • ext-twocolconflict was toggled off
      • ext-visualeditor was toggled on
      • setting-wgDefaultSkin was changed from vector to timeless
  • Or something else entirely.

Obviously, the exact phrasing is up for changing.

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John triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 12 2020, 21:35

This isn't too easily implementable currently, but with T5379 I may be able to add a checkbox on the submit section (or even another method) which generates the list for reviewing prior to submission. Potentially in the 2nd display.

This isn't going to be perfect on a first implementation, it will be kind of rough but it depends on whether or not to move the whole of ManageWiki's visual side to be JS or not to be 'perfect'. I'll probably plan to push the changes in the next few days - but it will essentially create a JS popup listing the changes made and the changes from their original to new values.

I was going to push this, however I gave second thought to UX consideration and decided not to. I plan to look into this in more detail to see if I can produce a better solution.

I drafted a bit of JS for this, using the oojs dialogs. This should be fairly good to do, with a "review" button, next to the save button, so it does not annoy users if they don't want to review them.

Will try to add this to a PR soon.

While using the oojs-ui-windows module:

function ProcessDialog(config) {, config);

OO.inheritClass(ProcessDialog, OO.ui.ProcessDialog); = 'managewiki-review';

ProcessDialog.static.title = 'Review changes';

ProcessDialog.static.actions = [{
	label: 'Close',
	flags: 'safe'

ProcessDialog.prototype.initialize = function() {
	ProcessDialog.super.prototype.initialize.apply(this, arguments);

	this.content = new OO.ui.PanelLayout({
		padded: true,
		expanded: false

	var $this = this;
	$('#managewiki-form :input').each(function() {
		if (this.type === 'checkbox' && this.defaultValue && this.defaultChecked != this.checked) {
			$this.content.$element.append('<b>' +'-')[1].replace('[]', '[' + this.value + ']') + '</b>: ' + this.defaultChecked + ' -> ' + this.checked + '<br />');
		} else if (this.defaultValue && this.defaultValue != this.value) {
			$this.content.$element.append('<b>' +'-')[1] + '</b>: ' + this.defaultValue + ' -> ' + this.value + '<br />');


ProcessDialog.prototype.getActionProcess = function(action) {
	var dialog = this;
	if (action) {
		return new OO.ui.Process(function() {
				action: action

	return, action);

ProcessDialog.prototype.getBodyHeight = function() {
	return this.content.$element.outerHeight(true);

var windowManager = new OO.ui.WindowManager();

var processDialog = new ProcessDialog({
	size: 'medium'



I guess this wasn't moved over to the next goal period, so doing that.

This has now been deployed.

This has now been deployed.

Thank you!