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Module: namespace redirect error in and
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In these wiki, Module: namespace don't redirect to 模块: (localized Module: namespace), it breaks all Lua-based modules and templates.

Template: Documentation, needs Module:Arguments

Screenshot_2020-04-13-23-08-31-25.jpg (647×1 px, 194 KB)

Module:Arguments, it should redirect to 模块:Arguments, but it dosen't.
Notice that the top left corner is shown "Page" instead of "Module" or "模块"

Screenshot_2020-04-13-23-09-31-66.jpg (490×1 px, 161 KB)

模块:Arguments, it is the normal Lua module

Screenshot_2020-04-13-23-10-20-56.jpg (653×1 px, 215 KB)

The same thing happened in Hypixel Jam Team Wiki .

It began two days ago.

May you fix it?

Sorry bad English.
Thank you in advance.

Event Timeline

John triaged this task as High priority.
John added a project: ManageWiki.

Hi, this has now been fixed.

Please let me know if problems occurs!

It looks like it's been fixed, thank you very much!