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Some wikis unexpectedly marked as closed
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Description by GTrang

Some wikis have been unexpectedly marked as closed, including Yuna below, Lilypond as reported at, DifferentHistory as reported at, Atlas as reported at, and my Holidays wiki.

Why my wiki has been closed? ( (original title)


My wiki has been closed despite having been edit within 30 days. I am a bureaucrat and can reopen (cancel the closed), but I am reporting here because I don't know why. Steward or system administrator can see RecentChanges and see the last edit was on April 4.

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Same issues have been confirmed on other private wikis.

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@Soratako Thank you for bringing this to our attention. For now you can reopen in Special:ManageWiki and we will take a look.

What other private wikis? Fixed your wiki by unmarking it as closed.

This problem may be the same as T5405: Some services not detecting sitename. Looking at Special:WikiDiscover?language=ja, some wikis that recent activities can be confirmed have been closed.

I noticed this problem on April 13.
I think the last edit before this happened was April 12th.
The problem at has already been solved by opening the wiki again myself.

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I think that this is the same issue as T5382. Now, my Holidays wiki appears to be closed even though it shouldn't be.

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