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Fix RC Relay sleep after message
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We deployed rPUPC47850ba254c90cc68729c7691f578b645e6742c4 today which was supposed to make the bot sleep for 1 second after sending a message to stop it flooding out.

As can be seen in

this did not happen as the bot sent 5 messages within a single second. These were not a second apart.

After adding monitoring via Sigma of the feed, we have noticied that the flooding is causing the feed to go down quite a bit. We should try and avoid this to a degree.

This is not really a long term fix as ideally we may need to consider multiple bots as well and upping it to 1 message every 2 seconds (the actual flood limit afaik) but my opinion is that we need to be careful at raising that high to avoid excessive lag.

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fix hasn’t worked

We believe that messages are sent in parallel which is why this isn’t working.

We can probably either limit the amount of traffic going through that network port or build a way of limiting it properly.

I’ll try and think over night but we should replace this eventually.

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You'd need to build a queueing system in the python script.

UDP by definition does not queue - it sends data and it's up to the receiver to decide what to do with it - the script basically handles each packet it receives individually. To make the script sleep would go "we'll take 1 packet, and for the next 1 second - we'll ignore all other packets".

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We fixed this the other week. It now works.