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Add a farmer log entry for declining wiki requests
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I'm not sure if this would be possible without a major software rewrite, and it is perfectly oaky if this is not possible, but it's wishful thinking from me.

It would be nice if Special:Log/farmer would include a log entry for actions which decline a wiki request. Currently, a log entry is created for just about anything and everything related to CreateWiki and ManageWiki except declining wiki requests, and it would just seem to make sense to add this missing functionality.

An example log entry could be like "00:00 DD-MM-YYYY Example declined wiki request #0000 (reason for declining)"

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AmandaCath triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 30 2020, 22:44
AmandaCath created this task.
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John added a comment.May 1 2020, 07:15

It’s worth noting, strictly, accepting a wiki isn’t logged either.

In T5513#107606, @John wrote:

It’s worth noting, strictly, accepting a wiki isn’t logged either.

True, but accepting a wiki request creates the wiki, and wiki creations are logged. There is no other outcome other than creating a wiki when accepting a wiki request.

John added a comment.May 6 2020, 21:42

This is going to be done as part of some rewrite work. I'll make this a subtask when I go through and create the relevant task later