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Custom domain request for
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Wiki URL: <You should have your subdomain. Please list that here, so we can know what URL you currently have. If your wiki is not created yet, you can make a task first and click "Edit Task" to change it later.>

Your custom domain: <Replace this with your desired wiki domain.>

Do you want Let's Encrypt:Yes <Yes/No, if No, we will provide you a CSR which you will send it over to CA to get a certificate. You will likely get a certificate in a zip file: Just upload all the files you're given by them.>

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Reception123 renamed this task from I would like to Request a Let's Encrypt certificate to Custom domain request for 5 2020, 06:00

Hi. It seems that the domain hasn't been pointed to our nameservers. Please read

@Reception123 or @Paladox: I pointed out how you instructed me with:

apontamentoCNAME.png (479×1 px, 34 KB)

Godaddy sends me a confirmation email. However, there is an error on your server, according to godaddy support:
Data management policy violation.

Solution according Godaddy support:
Hello I was told that I need an IP for the type A registration. On the nameserver, godaddy's support informed me that you are not allowing me. Could inform me:

  1. The right IP for type A registration. I converted which is in the information passed to me about Custom Domain and got this ip: and put it in type A configuration. Am I correct?
  1. The right IPs and nameservers for me to try for either option.

I'm waiting, thanks.

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@Reception123, look I did it with ip and he pointed to miraheze. You can verify. I think I got it now! You can request my certified https lets encrypt.

So then you would just like (not

Hello @Reception123, Yes that's it: