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Convert requesting a wiki to an object
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We should convert requesting a wiki to an object so that;

$rw = new WikiRequest( $id or null );

Then we can build a request to be made, or get information about it.

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John triaged this task as Low priority.May 6 2020, 22:39
John created this task.

Basic plan and potential workflow for the end product shall be;

new WikiRequest(); will generate an empty object - a 'new' request.
new WikiRequest( $id ); will generate an existing request.

From this, we'll have get/set variables for each aspect of a wiki request.
We'll have an "addComment" function which allows us to easily add comments and perhaps create a 'conversation' thread by having it notify all users involved of new comments (addressing T5578).
We'll have "approve", "decline" functions which do as they say, approve/decline a request and subsequently log the action (T5513).

On 'save', which is when we write to the database all our changes, if the request is new - we'll conduct additional checks such as limits, request similarity etc. (T5756)

'approve' is used intentionally as with T5488, the plan is wiki creators no longer "create" wikis, they 'approve' wikis which then trigger a creation job. We'll move to a more async environment which would then allow us to introduce more complicated actions in the background.