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Namespace content model changes are not saved in ManageWiki
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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. From Special:ManageWiki/namespaces, select any namespace.
  2. Change the namespace content model to a different content model and Submit.
  3. Confirm that The settings have been successfully changed. is shown at the top.
  4. Go back to Special:ManageWiki/namespaces and select the namespace from Step 1 again.
  5. Namespace content model has reverted back to its previous content model.

Other Notes

  • Tried on both non-talk and talk namespaces, issue happens on both.
  • Tried a few different cases to make sure it wasn't just reverting to Wikitext.
    • Tested Wikitext->Flow (Result: Wikitext)
    • Tested CSS->Wikitext (Result: CSS)
    • Tested CSS->JSON (Result: CSS)
  • Form data wpcontentmodel-namespace being passed in looks correct (eg. flow-board for Flow)
  • Tried saving some other namespace settings (Ticking Enable Signature button, enable VisualEditor in the namespace, etc.) and they saved without issue.

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Fixed in code, waiting for someone to deploy