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Extension Re-review Request: EmbedVideo
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This extension was previously removed in late 2016 and is now a declined extension due to security reasons. I'm not familiar with the security reasons for it being rejected, but since the extension is actively maintained, I thought maybe the extension may have changed since then. Because of this, I'd like to request a re-review to see if the security concerns are still applicable to the current version of Extension:EmbedVideo.

Reason for Requesting
Currently, outside just using a Widget iframe, Miraheze offers Extension:YouTube for embedding videos from video sharing services. Per T5535, there was discussion about potentially enabling the other video services supported by Extension:YouTube, which were previously commented out in the Miraheze-forked version of the extension. After reviewing though, it seems like most of the video services supported by Extension:YouTube either don't work or are dead, and while it's not an ask, I figured maybe an alternative extension could be looked for.

Extension:EmbedVideo has larger video service support (24+ services) and is also actively maintained in keeping that support working and up-to-date (Last update a month ago). It seems to be a relatively common extension requested as well, so if the security concerns have been remedied, then I believe the extension would be a boon for editors looking for additional embedded video support without needing to go the Widget route.

Thank you for your time!

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I could be wrong about this, but I think that the reason why the extension was declined was not that it was unmaintained, but rather because it inserts raw HTML code into wiki pages. This can and is a security risk if it is not managed and regulated properly - in theory someone could, in this case, embed a video where the video itself is malicious and/or the video contains something malicious within it, which would therefore inject the malicious content into the wiki and potentially Miraheze globally. While the chances of this happening are rare, if I understand it correctly Miraheze just doesn't like to take any unnecessary chances when it comes to security (CC @Southparkfan for further clarification/corrections).

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Give me a few days to think about it.