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Book Creator Error
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I am having issues when trying to render books in PediaPress on my Extention Test Wiki. For example, when I put the test page into the book creator (I have the Collection extension enabled), it throws up a generic "There was an error while attempting to render your book." error when I click the "Preview with PediaPress button".

I have tried to resolve the issue on Discord, but I was redirected here.

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Unfortunately, this seems to be an issue with the extension and there is nothing we can do:

Due to severe issues with our existing system, the Book Creator will no longer support saving a book as a PDF for a short period of time. We are working hard to replace our system and re-enable PDFs within the Book Creator.

While the Book Creator PDF rendering is being replaced, you can try Download as PDF from the sidebar tools for individual articles.
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I was not trying to save it as a PDF, I was trying to preview it with PediaPress, an action that works on en.wp.

Adding by earlier suggestion from RhinosF1

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