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Hello. Please install extention:

Event Timeline

@Helper Hi. Is there a reason why MsCalendar or the Wikivoyage Calendar aren't good enough for you?

MsCalendar is perfect, except one thing:
It is not multi-lingual. One language and no way to change- is German.

WikiVoyage could be the solution, but I can not understand how to make the buttons to spin back and forward a months, or dropdown list to choose the month and year.

Sure I could build the table like WikiVoyage does for every month, but the speed of built calendar for purpose does the job faster and elegant. The time of loading a next page is unacceptable, so I am still looking for a Calendar based Java or PHP with buttons and llinks placed in date square. Plus, the option to easily create a new event by registered users could be a big plus.

After a couple of weeks trying adopt Calendar WikiVoyage, I stuck on problem. There is no way to assign two events to one day.
So there were two options: Wikivoyage and MsCalendar , the last one does not speaking russian at least, but there is a hope, the translation of MsCalendar is in progress by Wikimedia community.
As I described before, the calendar must be multi-lingual and the links to event names, the priority, to be located in square of day number.
So there are a several extentions I asked to instal and are waiting for review. I can not do nothing with existed options on Miraheze regarding calendar. So far the biggest problem with wiki is lack of calendar options, in other things the Mediawiki and Miraheze is the best solution I found for wiki developing.

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This extension has not been updated in a couple of years and therefore is unmaintained.