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$wgRestrictionLevels not including author when AuthorProtect is enabled
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When I try to protect any of the pages on C.Syde's Wiki (e.g. on this page) the option to author protect pages doesn't show. I don't know why this is, but it is definitely a bug. Because all the usergroups that were given the (authorprotect) permission were until recently able to protect authored pages. But not anymore.

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@Paladox The issue is it seems to only take into account 'wgRestrictionLevels' from LocalSettings.php and even if the restriction level is defined in extension.json or if we try to do it in LocalExtensions.php it won't work. So for some reason LocalSettings is overriding everything

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I've tried all morning on to get something working but whatever I try seems to break something else.

@C.Syde65 We've fixed the error for your wiki now. We're keeping this task open as it still applies to other wikis trying to use AuthorProtect