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Enable Extension:DisqusTag, disable Extension:PageDisqus for Tuscriaturaswiki
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i'm Avengium from tuscriaturas wiki.

We requested Extension:PageDisqus a few days ago (
But the rest of the local bureacrats on this criaturas wiki say that Extension:PageDisqus "occupies a lot of memory".

So now we want PageDisqus disabled.
And want to enable DisqusTag.

Another bureaucrat told me that he wanted Extension:DisqusTag from the first time, not Extension:PageDisqus
I think it was a mistake or maybe we confused DisqusTag with PageDisqus.


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I forgot to say that in T 5854 we enabled the Extension:PageDisqus on both:

So i would like to disable Extension:PageDisqus and Enable Extension:DisqusTag on both if its possible ^_^

Extension:DisqusTag will need a proper security review... however I will caution you about two things:

  • The extension does not appear to be actively maintained/updated, although I think the latest version is recent enough and there are some technical updates occurring frequently enough to not be considered unmaintained (if a security reviewer disagrees, they may decline as unmaintained).
  • Most of the other extensions that add HTML tags that have been requested have been declined at security review because allowing external raw HTML code to be put into wiki pages is a security risk (it's a relatively minor one considering what else exists, but it's still a risk that can have some significant consequences if exploited).

@AmandaCath: It's already available just restricted.

AmandaCath moved this task from Blocked by security review to In Progress on the Configuration board.

Huh, didn't see it in Special:ManageWiki/extensions just now

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Huh, didn't see it in Special:ManageWiki/extensions just now

Two tasks in a row you've just put completely wrong information on and this isn't the first time. Please pay attention to what you're doing as spreading false information even if accidentatly confuses people and slows us down.

I guess I'll call it quits for today, since clearly I'm not being helpful.

Don't worry @AmandaCath , you have been helpful ^_^
I know that these two extensions exist because I have seen them in the list of extensions, otherwise I would not know.
And for the DisqusTag, i haven't seen it in action, so i don't know if DisqusTag works or not.
I hope it works and that it is the messaging that satisfies us. But I haven't seen it working.

Another thing, not related with DisqusTag, but with the current PageDisqus.
In PageDisqus, the comment section is showing the same comment in every page.
you can check it for yourself with "random page"


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