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Disable account creation and make image license selection mandatory on upload for
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Hello, I would like my wiki to be open, but I don't want other users editing it. Is it possible to disable account creation and make the settings so that only Bureaucrats and Admins can edit pages?

Additionally, I would like to make it mandatory that, when uploading a file, the user has to choose a license from the drop-down list. Currently the selection of a license is optional.

Thanks a lot!

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@DivPlus You can modify the user rights of the anonymous ones in Special:ManageWiki/permissions/* and Special:ManageWiki/permissions/user of your wiki and grant them to the user groups you want. This will prevent your wiki from being edited by non-admins users for example.

you can copy the dictation in MediaWiki:Licenses from Miraheze Commons and create the relevant templates

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Per above, what has been requested can be done via ManageWiki.