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Add $wgRevokePermissions and $wgRestrictionLevels to ManageWiki
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As title states. ManageWikiPermissions already has just about everything in it, but it does not currently have the ability to manage the revoked permissions array. Additionally, $wgRestrictionTypes is already in ManageWikiSettings, but RestrictionLevels is not. These two should go together.

Note: I may try to submit a patch for this myself when I have a good amount of time (which I haven't had lately), but I'm still filing this task in case someone wants to get to it first, and also because I'm not 100% confident that I know what I'm doing with this.

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AmandaCath triaged this task as Low priority.Thu, Jul 30, 21:26
AmandaCath created this task.
AmandaCath moved this task from Backlog to Features on the ManageWiki board.Thu, Jul 30, 21:26