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Kartographer uses Wikimedia's tile server which frequently give 429s
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These days the Wikimedia tile server isn't "open" anymore. I think we need to use one of the other free options:

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@MusikAnimal Which one would you want?

Any! My guess is OSM's official tile server is probably the most reliable, but I really have no idea. Since maps are currently broken on Miraheze, I'm guessing not too many wikis are actively using it. Thus, I suspect we wouldn't meet the "heavy use" that is forbidden in OSM's usage policy.

I do not know how production Kartographer works. I'm guessing you all are using Kartotherian, and the tile server is configured somewhere in there.

Sorry for the late response. It seems that this requires some extra config (setting up a "kart") so we'd have to look more into this.

Thanks for the update! I'm happy to help, too.

Hi @Reception123. Any updates on this? I realize this is super low priority, as I'm probably the only one actively looking for maps (or else presumably you would have received other such requests). This is why I would like to help, but I'm not sure where to start. I was unable to find any documentation on setting up a "kart", could you point me to that? Also, where is the existing Kartographer/Kartotherian configuration for Miraheze? Many thanks for the help.