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Changing URL for TLAwiki
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Wiki URL:

Your custom domain:

Do you want Let's Encrypt: Yes

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@Lawrencedepe Hi. It doesn't appear that you've correctly pointed your domain to us. Please read for how to do that.

Have I completed it correctly now? Also, sorry for the change, but I updated the custom domain request to

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Yes, it was correct now :) Your wiki is now accessible at the custom domain.

@Lawrencedepe It seems that after all there is still a mistake. Please make sure that the CNAME points correctly.

The above image shows the screen I'm looking at when trying to point the CName (I'm using FreeDNS). What exactly do I have to do to actually point it to

Where it says "destination" it should be

It would appear I've found the issue! I tried doing that before, but got an error saying "CNAME records on dynamic dns domains are currently restricted, contact an admin for assistance to have it enabled," so I just assumed it was wrong.

I've emailed the site owner and will post on this thread again when it has hopefully been enabled. Thanks for your patience @Reception123! :)

@Reception123 It should be okay now! I got the site admin to enable that feature and now it should be directed correctly. Thanks for being so patient again.

FYI: The link is now (I changed it again a few days ago, but didn't mention it here so just thought I'd make it clear) - that will definitely be the last revision!

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