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Update to Debian Buster 10.5
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Came out Saturday, includes some security fixes.

This update will likely require a reboot:

  • puppet2
  • bacula2
  • cloud1
  • cloud2
  • cloud3
  • cp3
  • cp6
  • cp7
  • cp9
  • db11
  • db12
  • db13
  • db7
  • gluster1
  • gluster2
  • jobrunner1
  • jobrunner2
  • ldap1
  • misc1 (NA - Jessie)
  • mon1
  • mw4
  • mw5
  • mw6
  • mw7
  • ns1
  • ns2
  • phab1
  • rdb1
  • rdb2
  • services1
  • services2
  • test2

Leaving private until someone can review the exact CVEs in the release email in the comments to determine security risk.

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Currently, the Debian 10 servers should be 10.4 if they haven't been updated. See

Per, "lsb-release -a" should tell you via salt ssh the version on all servers

Packages with pending changes that require a restart are listed in:

root@system:/root# cat /var/run/reboot-required.pkgs
libssl1.0.0 according to

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The only relevant CVE here is the SecureBoot one, which doesn't matter at Miraheze (due to our configuration). Making the task public now. I don't see other fixes important for us either, don't see the need for quickly upgrading (which requires reboots of cloud servers as well).

Assigning to @Paladox for reprioritising.

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Closing as resolved and moving to T6564. db servers and cloud can be done directly to 10.7