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Active SQL injection attack against some wikis
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We noticed earlier high load and I/O on some servers and attempted unsuccessfully to block the UA.

We stayed stable all day but when discussing blocking them with @Paladox, @Reception123 posted:,CONCAT(0x3a6f79753a,(SELECT+(CASE+WHEN+(8041%3D8041)+THEN+1+ELSE+0+END)),0x3a70687a3a,floor(rand(0)%2A2))x+FROM+INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CHARACTER_SETS+GROUP+BY+x)a)&diff=120112&oldid=119780

That's SQL, someone's trying (and from the urls I've check this morning but not in depth failing) to do an SQL injection attack.

I see entries straight from midnight for the IP, ending 16:47:44 on mw5. Mitigations were merged to puppet @ ~16:40 - A grep for "SELECT" shows the same picture.

Current additional mitigations are:

  • Connections without a UserAgent or where UA = - are being 403'd
  • A temporary hack has been introduced to phabricator to allow OAUTH to work and use a valid UA.

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Noting that @Paladox has now restricted them to 403.

Since Paladox is on holiday. SPF doing a review is probably best

RhinosF1 added a comment.Aug 3 2020, 17:13

A quick google shows a few varnish features that can prevent and 403 any attempts. Maybe we should look at that closer?

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They're back, See sre@ email

RhinosF1 added a comment.Aug 4 2020, 09:19

Abuse report filed with all 3 orgs hosting they're using

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Not observing now, monitoring phase for now.,

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