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Sometimes message pages (MediaWiki-namespaced) pages are occasionally ignored, including sitenotices and sitebars
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I found in, sometimes the MediaWiki-namespaced pages are occasionally ignored, and sometimes work normally. For example:

  • The sidebar sometimes displays as default, ignoring the page MediaWiki:Sidebar, and sometimes displays normally according to that page.
  • Viewing a module page (for example Module:Navbox), the documentation sometimes displays as default, ignoring the page MediaWiki:Scribunto-doc-page-show, and sometimes displays normally using the doc template used in that page.
  • The sitenotice sometimes doesn't show, and sometimes show as in the page MediaWiki:Sitenotice.

This issue has been existing for months and I can't find a solution.

See also this post.

If you repeatedly refresh or purge a page, you may find it sometimes normal and sometimes abnormal, seemingly randomly.

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Is this issue still happening?

Is this issue still happening?