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Rendering citoid references
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When using the visual editor, citoid creates "references" that look like copies of the associated TemplateData table.

However, when editing source, the reference does seem to be correct,

Any thoughts about what might be going on?

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Krisrs1128 created this task.Aug 14 2020, 04:47
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We still have this problem, but I have noticed that the references page simply copies over the template page for whatever type of reference the current reference corresponds to. For example, if you cite a journal, it just copies over whatever text is on the Template:Cite_Journal page. We can avoid having these annoying tables by include a noinclude tag, but the resulting references are empty (of course).

Even when we disable citoid and enter the references manually, we see the same behavior. So, the problem seems less to do with citoid, and more to do with the rendering of references directly.

Any suggestions, please? I'm really at the end of my knowledge trying to figure this out, and it is very important for our wiki to have references.

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Universal_Omega added a comment.EditedTue, Sep 15, 22:26

To get the issue clear, it does work on WikiEditor, but not on VisualEditor, correct?

Almost, but not quite. It *does* work for the WikiEditor. But with *either* editor, it fails to render properly in the references section of the page (either just copies whatever it finds in the template link).

You may be better off asking this issue on the Wikimedia phabricator, honestly. I am not to familiar with the extension, I did see alot of issues about it on wikimedia phabricator and none answer your issue though. Sorry.

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