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Resolve google detected 5xx errors
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See table below for google search console reported 5xx's

Please resolve or report bugs as appropiate. Target should be zero.

URLLast crawledIssueResolved? Gateway Time-out - nginx[7453a769b7088c2121e9b051] 2020-08-20 21:24:59: Fatal exception of type MWUnknownContentModelExceptionYes[76d43f1c68090699a1c29ef4] 2020-08-20 21:25:01: Fatal exception of type "Flow\Exception\DataModelException"Yes[20ec50bf312d85f3bb13d7e9] 2020-08-20 21:25:03: Fatal exception of type MWUnknownContentModelException Gateway Time-out - nginx Bad Gateway - nginx Bad Gateway - nginx Bad Gateway - nginx Bad Gateway - nginx Bad Gateway - nginx Bad Gateway - nginxón:El_Caballero_Negro2020-08-06[ef283222e60cf7c16cabd2ac] 2020-08-20 21:27:13: Fatal exception of type MWUnknownContentModelExceptionYesón:Dios_No_Está_Muerto_(filme)2020-08-06Fatal exception of type MWUnknownContentModelExceptionYesón:Alimentos_e_irradiación2020-08-06Fatal exception of type MWUnknownContentModelExceptionYesón:Cuerdas_Cósmicas2020-08-06Fatal exception of type MWUnknownContentModelExceptionYesón:Daniel_David_Palmer2020-08-05Fatal exception of type MWUnknownContentModelExceptionYes!2020-08-04Yesón:Wiki_Pseudociencia2020-08-04Fatal exception of type MWUnknownContentModelExceptionYesón:John_Pendleton2020-07-22Yesón:P2020-07-21Yesón:El_Principio_Divino_(libro)2020-07-18Yesón:Autoengaño2020-07-18Yes

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I've looked at them all - issues at hand are mostly pages being too large to be processed in terms of having thousands of images on a single wiki page. The exceptions are a result of improper config in terms of extension removal.

Strictly, as none of these actually cause an issue for Miraheze itself, the problems really should be reported locally or resolved as a community member. None stem from being Miraheze technical issues, so this is not the appropriate place for it to be reported.