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MintyDocs extension
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A very useful extension, especially if you use your wiki as a documentation hub (and it works even better with Page Forms!).
Recently updated (June 2020, according to the MW page)

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Lakelimbo created this task.Tue, Sep 1, 17:35
Lakelimbo edited projects, added Extensions; removed MediaWiki.Tue, Sep 1, 17:37
Lakelimbo moved this task from Backlog to Review Needed on the Extensions board.Tue, Sep 1, 17:37
Universal_Omega lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.EditedSun, Sep 6, 01:52

Changing priority to low as this extension is not for the requester but a hypothetical use-case.

I'll review this extension soon.

Universal_Omega removed Universal_Omega as the assignee of this task.Sat, Sep 12, 14:13