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Google maps doesn’t display properly
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See screenshot. Google maps loads but with an error message.

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Ruchirshah created this task.Thu, Sep 3, 08:28
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This would seem to be a CSP issue. cc @Paladox

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@Reception123 Not CSP - Possibly related to the console error:

You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud Project at Learn more at

Reception123 closed this task as Declined.Tue, Sep 8, 13:23
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Unfortunately, this seems to be an issue with Google and the fact that they now ask for a billing address for this, which we are unable to support/provide.

Ruchirshah added a comment.EditedTue, Sep 15, 13:01

Is it possible to switch the extension in Cargo to openlayers then? This needs a server side change, can be set by adding $wgCargoDefaultMapService setting to LocalSettings.php

Ruchirshah reopened this task as Open.EditedSat, Sep 26, 09:58

Is it possible to switch the extension in Cargo to open maps / Open Layers then?