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page briefly falsely described as deleted
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I attempted to protect (not delete) this page recently. I was successful, but received an erroneous message afterward saying the page had been deleted. Curiously, this message did not appear when others visited the page, and vanished for me after I made an edit to the page.

Also strange is that that edit is the only revision to appear in the logs, even though there was definitely a previous version there for me to protect.

I believe this could be weirdness resulting from importing a page from a dump of our old Fandom Wikia. The equivalent page there is protected even from wiki admins, editable only by Fandom Staff, which may have resulted in a lack of revision history to import, or something.

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Has this happened again since?

Decanter added a comment.Tue, Sep 8, 22:09

No, but no situation with the conditions I suspect of causing it has happened since then either.

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