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DynamicPageList3 - adduser parameter not working
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DynamicPageList3's adduser and other user related parameters are not working correctly.

To reproduce the issue, try running the parser function provided below on a wiki with DPL3 installed and at least 1 page in the main namespace.
It should provide user links, but something fails and it returns [[User:|]] instead.

|namespace = 
|count = 10
|ordermethod = firstedit
|adduser = true

To see it working correctly, you can try running the same thing here:

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After a bit more experimenting, I found out that this issue is not specific to Miraheze and occurs on Gamepedia as well under certain circumstances.

If you use this on Gamepedia, you can see the problem start mid-way:

|namespace = 
|count = 20
|ordermethod = lastedit
|addeditdate = true
|adduser = true

I kinda feel like this is beyond Miraheze's scope at this point, so feel free to close the issue if not much can be done about it.

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