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Watermark changer
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What if add ability to change the watermark of the Minerva
skin. Like in mobile versions of wiki admin will upload SVG or png file and paste image url to the field.

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Kwack created this task.Thu, Sep 10, 12:45
Universal_Omega added a subscriber: John.EditedSun, Sep 13, 04:01

Would you like this done on your specific wiki? I am unsure if ManageWiki supports the type of variable it uses to do this. If you want it, just give me the url for the image and I will add it to the variable:

$wgLogos = [
	'wordmark' => [
		'src' => 'your logo',
		'height' => 40,
		'width' => 120,

CC @John to see if it is possible to add $wgLogos['1x'] and $wgLogos['wordmark']['src'] to ManageWiki as I am unsure what type that would be in ManageWiki if it is possible.

$wgLogos is unsupported in ManageWiki

In T6164#120703, @John wrote:

$wgLogos is unsupported in ManageWiki

That's what I thought. Thanks for the reply.

Universal_Omega closed this task as Invalid.Tue, Sep 15, 22:13