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Import images, Categories and number of articles problems
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Hello, I imported my wiki rto miraheeze caouse my other free hosting not gave support and everything turned unformatted (
Now my wiki in miraheeze are not showing corectly the categories, and the number of articles are shown as just 12, but I have 700 articles on this wiki.
How could I fiz this? When I open an article and just save it, without editing, then it is shown correctly in its category.

Another questions. There is any way to import all images from there to miraheeze? Or I will have to do this one by one

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Hi. We can import images if you send us a .zip file with them :)

As for the articles/content pages, the definition for that is different than the ones for "All pages". Would you like all pages to count as articles?

Hi, thanks a lot for reply

I send images to an email?

About the content pages/all pages, my new miraheeze wiki imported almost all content page as not content page, thats was my problem. I dont know why. In the other host the statistc page shown 700 content pages. But here these are just 12.
And the category are not showing all articles related to it. If I just open the article and save it, without changing anything, then this page are related to the category.

You can send the images to tech[at]miraheze[dot]org. And I'll try to look into your other issue

The email returned cause the massage is too big

552 5.3.4 Message size exceeds fixed limit

I had all files in this link (WeTransfer):

Can you download from here?

Yes, will download it from here :)

For the article issue, I've refreshed your site statistics, has this fixed your issues?

Wow: perfect for images
Thanks, thanks a lot

For the articles and their respective categories, it still is not working.
I thought the problem was caused because in the articles I wrote "categoria" in Portuguese (instead category)... because when I edited an article and changed to "category", it started to work. But then I opened edition of another article, without changing the word "category" to English and it worked too... the article was linked to its respective category.

I'm wondering if I will have to open edition of all hundreds of articles.

For the article issue, I've refreshed your site statistics, has this fixed your issues?

Still not working. SHould I understand this has not a solution? Or should I keep waiting?