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Changing language in ManageWiki not impacting displayed i18n messages
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I need to edit this file LocalSettings.php file
, To add this code $wgLanguageCode = "ar";

I have disabled this extension : UniversalLanguageSelector

But the issue does not be resolved .

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Oh, sorry for the confusion before. You can change this via Special:ManageWiki in the language bar.

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No changes

I need to proceed this method$wgLanguageCode

But I have no p[privileges to do this

I've looked at the documentation as we should be doing that when you change the option and I see:

In MediaWiki 1.8 or older, if you change this after installation, you should run the maintenance/rebuildmessages.php script to rebuild the user interface messages (MediaWiki namespace). Otherwise, you will not see the interface in the new language, or a mix of the old and new languages. Note that running that script will override any custom interface messages you may have created.

@John: do we need to run that?

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In MediaWiki 1.8 or older,

This was released over 13 years ago, it’s not needed

Wiki displays in Arabic for me and $wgLanguageCode is set to ar.

ULS is setting the interface to English for you, which is why it is displaying in English


Good morning

My Question :
When I visit the wiki (not login) , I see these shots in English only

visitor2.png (701×1 px, 112 KB)

visitor.png (701×1 px, 100 KB)

While I have disabled UniversalLanguageSelector extension in manage wiki

uN.png (520×1 px, 19 KB)

If I visit another Arabic wikis . I seen this

un2.png (516×1 px, 55 KB)

Can you help me to disable the UniversalLanguageSelector extension for visitors ( By editing localsetteings.php )
Are there any way to edit localsetteings.php via web ??