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FlaggedRevsRestrictionLevels not working as expected
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I recently enabled FlaggedRevs $wmgFlaggedRevsProtection on Special:ManageWiki, as I am looking to have Wikipedia style protection-based implementation of FlaggedRevs.
From that point I was able to either set the protection level of a page between either "Allow all users" and "flaggedrevs-protect-sysop". I have a user group "Reviewers" that I would like to have bypass the review process, so I added Reviewer to $wmgFlaggedRevsRestrictionLevels.
As expected, I then saw "flaggedrevs-protect-reviewer" as an available option when setting the protection level of a page, but upon attempting to confirm the change, I was met with red text at the top of the protection screen stating "Permission denied." What am I doing wrong here?

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Yeah, I was thinking about the FlaggedRevs extension recently, actually. English Wikipedia uses this for Pending Changes protection, and it only impacts non-autoconfirmed users. It really shouldn't be enabled by default on all pages or in all namespaces. In my view, when this extension is enabled, it should be configured, by default, as a pending changes protection level and only applied on pages or in namespaces set to this protection level. Otherwise, we are really duplicating things with patrolled/unpatrolled revisions and flagged revisions.