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Please install Extension:ContentTranslation
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Hello. Content Translation supports translating articles between languages, and this includes templates.
It works along side with Extension:Translate.Please install this extension. I believe, in condition of successful work of this extension, it must be "must have" on multi-lingual wikies.

ContentTranslation depends on other eight extensions.

Thank you in advance.

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It was previously rejected. See T3900#76880

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T784#12341 says about сxserver and if in future would be more requests, they will install it.
I think it is a time to move on for Content Translate, With all new Miraheze expantion no place for cxserver ? Back to 2016 it was no required, today after four years, I believe Miraheze could afford it and revolutionize multilanguage wiki support. I hope, Miraheze administration would think again about real global expansion. not just placing the hardware in each corner of planet. The real expansion would happen, when wikis would be built for those 135 languages and staff would talk those languages to provide support to those lucky nations. Freedom of knowledge and education , the principals of Wikimedia foundation depend not only on english-speaking planet population. I believe you have got my point. Please consider again support of multi-lingual content on Miraheze. - Docker
If using Vagrant, install with vagrant roles enable contenttranslation --provision
What is CX3?
It's a major version of Content Translation, which is being developed during 2020.

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@Reception123 is this now possible or does the original reject still stand?

@Universal_Omega Noting @Void's comment in [[T3900#76880]], it seems like the decline was solely related to a service or submodule that we were missing, so perhaps we should investigate if we now have this submodule or service? Perhaps this was originally declined prior to Miraheze's upgrade to MediaWiki 1.34, so we may now have the required dependencies.

We do have the Translate extension which AFAIK is pretty similar.

CX is ... Computer-assisted translation tool for Wikipedia pages. plus it can assist translate Templates, no need user knowledge to add a code on pages.

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Unfortunately the original decision to reject this still stands.

Any changes with CX3 server yet ?

Any changes with CX3 server yet ?

It is not yet possible to use this extension because the same problems mentioned in T3900#76880