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My request would be about an extension I could not find the MultiLanguageManager in Manage this wiki's extensions.
It allows to have multilingual pages in the same wiki, and to define a page to be a translation of another page. It also displays language flags.
Example: IMF (en) - FMI (fr).
I have been using this extension for a while, it is available at
Thank you.

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Is there any reason why wouldn't work for you?

Thank you for your reply.
I am afraid the usage is not the same.
To my understanding, the usage of Extension:Translate is for having translations of pages in the form of subpages, i.e. keeping the Original_Page_Name and having for instance Original_Page_Name/fr in French, Original_Page_Name/es in Spanish, etc.
With Extension:MultiLanguageManager, we link a page named PageName_in_English to another page named NomDePage_en_francais.
Example: a page International_Monetary_Fund would be linked to Fonds_monétaire_international, in the same wiki, i.e. not as Wikipedia where pages are located in different wikis.
I hope this is clearer.
Thank you.

No problems found here, looked a bit for common problems and examined code, no problems found. Anyone else noticed anything?

I'll review it in a couple of days

Did not seem to work on testing. So therefore I am unfortunately going to have to change this to declined.